Carina Robinson

I joined the Council in 2022 with a strong commitment to working together across our school communities.  I enjoy connecting with other members to tackle shared challenges, leverage our collective strengths and amplifying parent voice.

Professionally, I bring a range of skills in health and social care, business, and adult education.  I have many years of experience in national advisory and senior leadership roles on both government and private sectors.  More importantly I bring a collaborative spirit, a passion for community building and appreciation of the complex and dynamic environment we’re raising and educating our children in.

I am hoping that from my involvement in Council I will gain a deeper understanding of the diverse perspectives within our school communities, make meaningful connections and share parent insights.  I hope to contribute to the development of a supportive and inclusive environment for our children that promotes a love of learning that continues with them throughout their lives.

My hope is for the CSPACG Council to be recognised as a key enabler to achieve the mission and vision of Catholic education.  I also hope that the Council is influential, inclusive and action orientated to deliver a positive impact for children, families, and other stakeholders.

To me, family engagement is about authentic partnerships between families, schools, the parish and broader community.  It’s about our shared responsibility to create learning environments where children feel connected and celebrated.  As a Council, this is also about shaping different ways for families to engage based on what works best for them.



There is currently a vacant position for the Northern Region.

If you would like to apply for this role, please contact Executive Officer, Sarah Rose ( or 0447 888 326)