Natalie Bartlett

I joined CSPACG in May 2021.

Family engagement for me is the partnership with schools to support student learning by promoting a positive inclusive environment that will nurture the whole child for the best outcomes for all students and families.

I am able to contribute to this role with insight into the current environment our schools operate within. I have been the Community Council President at McAuley Catholic Central School in Tumut for the past two years and a parent representative for four years beforehand.

2020/2021 has been extremely challenging for our area with the Dunn’s Rd Bushfire at the beginning of 2020. Just as recovery was underway, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. McAuley has undergone a huge amount of change in a very short period. We are extremely blessed to have a wonderful Principal and a strong Community Council who are all very encouraging and supportive of the vast amount of change that occurred in a very short period.

I endeavour to be an inclusive, positive, rewarding role model within this family engagement forum that will be forward thinking, taking our fabulous schools to the next level, one that others aspire to emulate.

My hopes for the Council are to recognise areas that require development and work with Archdiocese staff and parents to develop some of the wonderful ideas.

Natalie Turner 

I joined the Council early in 2021 and hope to gain a broader outlook on our school community that I anticipate will in turn benefit our own school.

I believe family engagement is about building stronger, trusting relationships with all our families and I hope that from participating in this type of family engagement I will become better informed on strategies to help build those vital relationships.

We have five daughters and I have experience in navigating our own challenges and triumphs in growing up together! In addition to this, I have over 20 years’ experience of being on school boards/community councils, observing and contributing to the ever-changing model of supporting students at school and beyond.

I’m an open minded individual and look forward to getting to know the other council members and finding ways we can work together for the best of all our families.

Lucinda Clay

I am mother of two boys and have been a member of our school Community Council for over six years. I joined CSPACG in May 2021 with a view to learn more about CSPACG.
To me, family engagement means feeling a part of the school community and playing an active role in your child’s education. I hope to learn more about how Catholic Education is supporting our children and provide parental input as a voice for rural families.
As a Counsellor and Student Welfare Officer, I understand the importance of our psychological wellbeing. I bring a parental voice for pastoral care and student wellbeing.
I hope to be a part of the Council as it continues to strengthen its representation to enhance Catholic Education for all children.

Kylie Tulloch

I joined CSPACG in 2020 with a little encouragement from a dear friend, not really knowing what it entailed or what was expected of me.

For over 25 years I have been teaching at St Mary’s War Memorial School, West Wyalong where I am the Learning Support Coordinator. I am also a member of our School Board as a teacher representative, whilst also having a parent perspective.

I live on a cattle and cropping farm near Wyalong with my husband and four sons. Along with being raised on a farm in the same area it has taught me to appreciate that living in the country makes some valuable necessities hard to obtain.

As a mother and teacher, I greatly value and appreciate the success of all students enabling them to be the best that they can be.

Family engagement is essential in creating a positive and welcoming school community. It enables students, their families and the wider community to feel connected to each other and to our school. This ensures that together we work as a committed team to support the learning of all students. I believe that parents need to be engaged in their students learning for them to achieve to the best of their ability.

I hope that by participating in the family engagement forum it will enable me to support the current high level of family engagement in our own school community.